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Cash For Scrap Wire Melbourne

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    Cash For Scrap Wire Melbourne

    Maqsod Metal recyclers is the leading scrap metal recycler in Western Melbourne. With a team of trained and professional staff who have extensive knowledge about wires, we guarantee to give you the highest cash for scrap wires. We recycle those unwanted scrap wires that we buy from you. So if you have some scrap wire lying at your place, and you are curious about how much those scrap wires cost. Get in touch with us via telephone 0409 946 080 or fill in the form available on the website. You can sell wires to us and get cash instantly. We always get the metal weighing scales checked so that we pay you the exact price, the wires are worth of.

    Maqsod Metal Recyclers promises to offer high cash for scrap wire in Melbourne. We serve Western Suburbs of Melbourne. It includes, areas like Hobsons Bay, Sunshine, Melton Altona, Williamstown, Wyndham, Point Cook, and Footscray in Maribyrnong. Flemington and surroundings, Caroline Springs, Keilor, Sydenham and many more.

    Types of Wires We Accept

    Maqsod Metal Recyclers are ready to buy any type of scrap or used wires. We will accept it whether it is an Aluminium wire, PVC Wire, Copper Wire, or Data Cable, and much more. Since scrap has many forms, it is very important that you sort out scrap wires, before selling them to us. It is also important to bring into notice of our customers, that different types of scrap wires have different prices. Therefore, there will be a difference in what you will be paid when you sell us a copper wire and a scrap wire of other material.

    It’s a clear fact that Electric wires play a vital role in our day to day life. Whether you are in an office or at your home or at a restaurant, every place is full of electric wires. I guess, that’s enough to explain the importance and demand of scrap wires. So if you have any wires junk lying in your house basement, garage or yard. Get in touch with us!

    Why Choose Us?

    • Maqsod Metal Recycler is a licensed and insured company in Australia.
    • We have got a professional and very friendly team.
    • Our services are fast and fair.
    • Our weigh scales are tested and calibrated by the council so we can offer fair prices.
    • We pay cash on the spot.
    • Scrap wire is picked up within 24 hours in Western Suburbs of Melbourne
    • We also provide scrap metal bins or mobile wire pickups
    • We recycle the scrap wires that we buy from you.

    How Our Process Works

    Step 1 – Get in Touch

    To sell your scrap wire you can call us on 0409 946 080 or fill the form on our website to get a quote now. Before you call us, do take some time out to organize the types of wires. It will be helpful in making the process more efficient and fair. We will arrive at your location, load it, weigh it and will pay you cash on the spot.

    Step 2 – Schedule a Pick up Time

    Once you allow us to buy the scrap wires from you. We will schedule a pick up time that is convenient to you. We also offer free same day pick up service too. Our team makes sure to reach the location on time and make this process hassle-free for you.

    Step 3 – Get Paid Instantly

    Once we reach your location. We weigh the wires and start loading them. We pay cash for scrap wires on the spot.

    Our Rates

    Maqsod Metal Recyclers is a trusted and licensed company. People choose us because we always offer a fair price for those scrap unwanted wires. We always discuss the per pound rate of wires, before we start weighing them. We are unable to offer you any standard rates because of the fluctuation in prices on daily basis. If on the collection day, the price of your scrap wire is more, we will tell you for sure and pay you for it.

    Why We Recycle Scrap Wires?

    All of these scrap wires and metals mostly have copper. Copper is a natural non-renewable metal therefore recycling scrap metal is of utmost importance. Mining of copper, has serious and hazardous environmental effects therefore it’s better to collect and recycle wires. Manufacturing of PVC compounds and cables doesn’t require any mining. For it fossil oil is extracted and then is converted into PVC.

    Get a Quote Now

    Give us a call on 0409 946 080 or fill in the form available on the website to get a quotation from us. Make sure you give us honest and accurate details of the scrap wires you have. We offer free towing service in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. The scrap is picked up and removed within 24 hours. Above all we promise to offer high cash for scrap wires.



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