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Cash for Scrap Copper Melbourne

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    Cash for Scrap Copper Melbourne

    Maqsod metal recyclers offer competitive cash for scrap copper in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Since copper has long-lasting properties and doesn’t wear out easily. It is the most prized metal. This means you will get top dollar cash for Scrap Copper immediately in western suburbs of Melbourne.

    Scrap metal buyers want copper because it doesn’t degrade during recycling. It is a non-ferrous metal and a very good conductor of electricity. A good conductor of thermal also. It is widely used in hot water pipes and electric wires. Thick copper wires can be found in freezers, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and dryers. Small insulated copper wires can be found in coffee makers, blenders etc.

    We don’t care whether you have scrap copper in small quantities or large. Call us for free of cost scrap metal collection and removal services.

    How to Get Top Cash for Scrap Copper

     1. Call For An Estimation

    Give us a call on 0409 946 080 or fill the form available on our website about the type of scrap copper you have. Our valuation team will respond back to you quickly, about how much cash you can get for it.  We promise to pay you the highest cash for scrap copper in Melbourne.

     2. Schedule Copper Scrap Removal Time

    Either you can ask us to pick up copper scrap from the mentioned location at a convenient time or you can drop it yourself at our yards. Whatever is easier for you!

     3. Get Weighed and Paid

    Maqsod Metal Recyclers will weigh the copper scrap and pay you the top cash for it instantly. Get in touch and make the most out of the scrap copper you have.

    It only takes a phone call to convert scrap copper into cash. Our services cover Western Suburbs of Melbourne. It includes, areas like Hobsons Bay, Sunshine, Melton Altona, Williamstown, Wyndham, Point Cook, and Footscray in Maribyrnong. Flemington and surroundings, Caroline Springs, Keilor, Sydenham and many more. For More details call on 0409 946 080.

    Buy all Forms of Copper

    We buy scrap copper of all forms. We weigh it on the spot and pay you cash instantly.

    Millberry Copper

    It is the most valuable form of copper. Shining bright copper is the purest form. It has no alloys or coats with them. Millberry copper is not less than 1.2mm in thickness. It can be found in insulated cables and wires.

    Candy or Copper Bright

    It is the number one copper. It is easily found in pipes, wires, sheets and tubes.

    Birch Cliff or Copper Burnt

    It is the number two copper. It is less shiny and has a dirty appearance.

    Cash for scrap copper

    Services We Offer

    We buy and remove copper from every place. Whether it’s a house, industry or a commercial site (includes engineering firms, construction and excavation sites). If you are a plumber, electrician or an auto mechanic, you can also sell copper to us. We are ready to serve you either by providing you bins for scrap copper or by pickups. A common way of finding out copper is to look for shiny gold like material. Give us a call and we will help your separate valuable copper from the rest of scrap materials. Maqsod Metal recyclers will pay you top dollar cash for it.

    Why Choose Maqsod Metal Recyclers.

    For selling scrap copper, we are the best choice for the people because

    • Our service is fast, reliable, effective and convenient.
    • We are a licensed and insured company.
    • Council checks our platform scales and weighbridge regularly for accuracy.
    • We offer fair and high cash for scrap copper across Melbourne.
    • Offer same day service in Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Within 24 Hours.
    • We do not charge anything for removing scrap copper from your location.
    • Our staff is friendly and have extensive knowledge about copper.

    Recycling Of Copper

    Copper can be recycled 100%. It can be re-processed again and again. It has no effect on its quality. The copper that you sell us is recycled at our yards in a way that it has less harmful effect on the environment. Recycling of copper for reuse results in reduction of hazardous emissions that occur from mining new copper. This way you also become a part of eco-friendly disposal of waste. Plus you can also make some extra cash.

    Sell Scrap Copper Now

    Maqsod Metal Recylers offer cash for scrap copper for the residents of Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Our team operates 24/7 and is ready to pick the scrap copper from you. Give us a call on 0409 946 080 and our truck will be at your doorstep with cash in hand. You can request a quote online by filling the form available on the website. We will give you top cash for scrap copper along with free removal services.



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