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Cash For Scrap Brass Melbourne

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    Cash For Scrap Brass Melbourne

    Are you thinking, where can I sell unwanted scrap brass near me? Maqsod Metal Recyclers are here to offer you best prices for scrap metals in Western suburbs of Melbourne. For selling scrap brass, we are the best choice for the people because we are a licensed and trustworthy company. Our services are fast and hassle-free. The platform scales and weighbridge are regularly checked by council for accuracy. So, we can offer fair and high cash for scrap brass. We also offer same day service in Western Suburbs of Melbourne, according to the convenience of our client. We do not charge anything for removing the scrap metal from your location. Sell Scrap Brass Now! Give us a call on 0409 946 080.

    Brass is an alloy of bright golden color. It is made of copper and zinc. A very good conductor of electricity and thermal energy. It is durable and has very good wear and corrosion resistance. Brass is a malleable metal because of its low melting point. This metal gets casted into any shape very easily and is used a lot in household appliances.

    Where Brass Can Be Found?

    This metal can give you a good cash in your pocket. Brass can be found almost everywhere whether you are at home or at work. Brass is present in doorknobs, bolts, locks, handles, kitchen and bathroom taps, decorations, bells, musical instruments, gears, jewelry, sculptures, electrical appliances and in many other things.

    Scrap Brass that are Recyclable

    We accept all types of brass. We collect them, sort them and recycle. You can sell us

    • (Label) New Brass Clippings
    • (Honey) Yellow Brass Scrap
    • (Pallu) Aluminium Brass Condenser Tubes
    • (Ocean) Mixed Unsweated Auto Radiators scrap
    • (Parch) Manganese Bronze Solid
    • (Pales) Admiralty Brass Condenser
    • (Lamb) Brass small Arms and Rifle Shells, clean muffled
    • (Ebony) Composition or red brass
    • (Engel) Machinery or Hard Brass Solids
    Cash for scrap brass

    How We Work?

    1. Give Us a Call

    Give us a call or fill the form available on the website. Share accurate details of your scrap metal with us for an instant quote.

    2. Get Metal Weighed

    You can drop the scrap metal at our yard or ask us to pick it up for you. For fair price, our expert team will load the scrap metal on our certified scales safely. We make sure to offer and pay you the best and actual price for your scrap metal.

    3. Payment & Removal of Scrap Metal

    Maqsod Metal recycler has a number of quick and easy payment options for you to choose. We pay you the money instantly and haul away the scrap metal from your premises.

    It only takes a phone call to convert scrap metal into cash. Our services cover Western Suburbs of Melbourne. It includes, areas like Hobsons Bay, Sunshine, Melton Altona, Williamstown, Wyndham, Point Cook, and Footscray in Maribyrnong. Flemington and surroundings, Caroline Springs, Keilor, Sydenham and many more. For More details call on 0409 946 080.

    At Maqsod Metal Recyclers, we work hard to achieve customer satisfaction. We are a licensed and insured company. Our staff is very friendly and well trained. Our services are transparent and efficient. We offer free analysis of scrap brass to make sure that the price for scrap metal is fair and high. The money that you get of your scrap brass depends on the weight of the metal. We scrap brass on a precise weighbridge or platform scale. Both of them are checked regularly from the Council, for accuracy.  Like other recyclable metals, prices of brass fluctuate too. This is why we can’t give you any standard rates for scrap brass. Above all, we remove scrap within 24 hours in western suburbs of Melbourne, without giving you any inconvenience. We also provide bins for scrap brass and pay cash on the spot.

    Recycling of Scrap Brass- Go Green

    If brass is just thrown away in the land, it will harm the environment. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Recycling copper takes very less energy. Whereas Copper mining produces Sulphur dioxides and releases carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ruining the environment around us. Since Maqsod Metal Recyclers are conscious of the environment. We make effort to keep our environment safe from harmful substances. If you have unwanted scrap brass lying around in the yard or garage. What’s better than getting cash for selling it?

    Fair and High Prices

    Sell Scrap Brass Now

    If you are ready to inquire about how much cash will you get for the scrap brass you have. Contact Maqsod Metal Recyclers today. You will get efficient, safe and a hassle-free service from us. We guarantee to give you the right price. So give us a call on 111 111 111. Or you can also fill the form available on our website with accurate details of the scrap brass you have. Our team will get back to you ASAP.



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