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Cash For Scrap Battery Melbourne

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    Cash For Scrap Battery Melbourne

    Technology is all around us and almost all of these technologies need batteries to run them. All appliances, vehicles, electronics, gadgets have batteries in them. Once these batteries get aged-up, we throw them away thinking they are useless. But no they are not! At Maqsod Metal Recyclers, we pay cash for scrap battery. YES, you read it right! You can earn a good amount of cash for scrap battery, if you sell them to us. We offer top dollar cash for it.

    Give us a call on 0409 946 080 and know the value of your battery scrap. For this, we require that you give us honest and accurate information about the type and condition of the batteries. Our team of experts will tell you what price you can get for that scrap Battery. Maqsod Metal Recyclers will pay you the best and competitive prices in the market.

    Battery We Buy

    Maqsod Metal recycler buy every type of battery. Whether it’s a battery of your car, truck, tractor, motorcycle, lawn mower, marine, motorhome, snowmobile, equipment, solar panel, backup units, semi-truck, golf cart or lights. We don’t care, we will buy them.

    We accept all batteries scrap:

    • Lithium batteries
    • Mobile phone batteries,
    • Mercury batteries,
    • Nickel Cadmium batteries
    • Lead Acid batteries
    • Lithium Ion batteries
    • Zinc carbon batteries
    • Alkaline batteries (AA, AAA, C, D etc.)
    • Zinc air batteries
    • Single use batteries
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Nickel metal hydride batteries
    • Medical batteries and many more
    Cash for scrap battery

    How We Work- Cash For Scrap Battery

    We offer Cash for Scrap Battery services to our customers in Western Suburbs of Melbourne. If you want to schedule a free battery removal service. Please follow the simple instructions mentioned below.

    Give Us a Call

    Firstly, give us a call on our telephone number 0409 946 080. Or fill the quotation form available on our website online. Give us honest and accurate details of your scrap battery type, brand, volume, condition etc.

    Accept the Offer

    Once you accept our offer. We will schedule a free battery removal time with you. We can schedule it any time, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

    Take Your Cash

    Our team will come and remove the scrap battery from the location you have mentioned. We will pay you cash instantly. We cover all the western suburbs of Melbourne

    Your scrap batteries will be picked and transported safely. We will take them back to our wrecking yard. Our team of dismantlers will dispose them of safely by recycling them in an eco-friendly way.

    Harmful Effects on the Environment

    For keeping our world safe, we recycle all the scrap batteries. Batteries contain metal, lead plates, acid and other corrosive and toxic materials. When these chemically active batteries are thrown away in garbage, they leak harmful substances in the environment that can result in hazardous consequences.

    We stick to the prescribed Australian policies of disposal. Maqsod Metal Recyclers make sure that the recycling is done efficiently and ethically, according to the set guidelines. Therefore, Instead of throwing the old batteries away. Dispose them of properly by selling them to us. You will also get top dollar Cash for that scrap battery.  

    Why Choose Us?

    When you choose Maqsod Metal Recylers, you will get

    • Safe from harmful effects of old batteries around you
    • Free Cash for Scrap battery
    • Free Removal of the Scrap battery
    • Efficient and quick service;
    • Same Day Removal, Within 24 hours
    • Cash is paid on the spot at the time of removal

    We are a company that is licensed, insured and well established. We guarantee to offer you a fair and competitive price for your unwanted scrap batteries.

    Handle Old Batteries with Care

    Old scrap batteries should always be handled with care. Especially the Lead-acid batteries, they contain explosive gases. If they are handled carelessly without taking safety measures, they can even burn. Only professionals can recycle these batteries. That is why we would recommend you to choose us, to do it for you. Still if you need to handle them before we reach you. Please follow these precautions.

    • Wear gloves, safety goggles, and clothes that cover your body and hands.
    • Do not remove plastic or lead from the battery yourself.

    Make sure you store batteries away from fire. (Keep them away from open flames and even cigarettes)

    Get in touch with us

    Therefore, next time when you plan to buy new batteries. Do not throw away the old scrap battery. Just get in touch with us. We will buy them from you and pay you top cash in return. Maqsod Metal Recyclers will dispose them of properly, free of cost. We won’t charge you for anything.

    To get a good cash offer and a free battery removal service, simply give us a call on 0409 946 080 or fill our online form that is available on the website.



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