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Cash for Scrap Metal Melbourne

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    Maqsood Metal – We Pay Cash for Scrap Metal

    Maqsod Metal Recycler has knowledge, experience and equipment to serve the people in Western suburbs of Melbourne, who want to sell metal scrap. We pay top cash for scrap metal. Selling metal scrap requires both effort and time. We make it easy for you. Our team of professionals provide a wide range of services to our customers which includes, collection of the metal, transportation, storage, recycle and disposal.

    We pay cash for Scrap Metal on the spot. The money that you get of your scrap metal depends on the weight of the metal. We weigh the metal on a precise weighbridge or platform scale. Both of them are checked regularly from the Council, for accuracy. We make sure that our customer gets a fair price for his scrap metal. We also pay cash for scrap battery, wires, copper, and brass.

    What we Buy and Sell?
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Stainless Steel
    • Scrap Batteries
    • Lead
    • PVC and wire
    • Copper
    • Electric Motors
    • Steel
    • Scrap whitegoods
    • Machinery
    • Unwanted Cars
    • Junk Cars
    • Cars Any Make & Model

    Scrap Metals We Buy?

    Maqsod Metal Recycler offers a range of services to the people who want cash for scrap metal. Our professionals buy all grades of metal – ferrous and non-ferrous metal both.

    Ferrous Metals Non-Ferrous Metals
    Car scrap Aluminium
    Cast Iron Bronze
    Demolition scrap Copper
    Heavy Machinery Stainless Steal
    Railway iron Brass
    Steel Lead
    Roof Sheeting Nickel
    White Goods Radiators
    Cast Iron Electrical Wire
    Vehicle Zinc
    Wrought iron Tungsten
    Swarf Various Other Metals
    scrap metal Melbourne
    How to Differentiate between Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal

    Ferrous Metal: Ferrous Metal contains Iron. It is magnetic and has less resistance to corrosion. 

    Non Ferrous Metal: It is a metal that has alloys in them. A very little amount of iron is present in them. They are used a lot because of their properties. They are non-magnetic, highly conductive, and has resistance to corrosion.

    Metals We Don’t Buy

    We don’t buy pressure vessels, explosive material, asbestos, flammable, corrosive, poisonous, bio-waste, and radioactive materials.

    How We Work?

    1. Give Us a Call

    Give us a call or fill the form available on the website. Share accurate details of your scrap metal with us for an instant quote.

    2. Get Metal Weighed

    You can drop the scrap metal at our yard or ask us to pick it up for you. For fair price, our expert team will load the scrap metal on our certified scales safely. We make sure to offer and pay you the best and actual price for your scrap metal.

    3. Payment & Removal of Scrap Metal

    Maqsod Metal recycler has a number of quick and easy payment options for you to choose. We pay you the money instantly and haul away the scrap metal from your premises.

    Trust Us

    Maqsod Metal Recyclers is fully licensed and insured to operate scrap metal services. We buy and recycle every type of scrap metals. You can also get cash for scrap metals like unwanted & broken cars, trucks, vans, buses, and 4x4s. If there is any vehicle you want to get rid of, get in touch with us. We will come and take it away from your premises and pay you top cash. 

    Our team of professionals are friendly and focus a lot on environmental safety-GO Green. We recycle scrap metals reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling scrap metals means converting obsolete metals into useful metal. We have a wide fleet of trailers and trucks. They are used in collecting and transporting scrap metals to our scrap yards. We dispose of scrap metal, without any hassle. Our process is very easy and you can get rid of all the scrap metal you have at your home or at your industry. Plus, Get some money in your pocket too.

    Need A Scrap Metal Bin?

    Maqsod Metal Recyclers are experts in removing scrap metal. We have bins and containers of various sizes, suitable for your needs. They will help in keeping the scrap metal contained and out of the way. We offer both daily collections and one time clean up service. You can earn cash for all the scrap metal you have. At the time of bin collection, the load will be weighed and the exact amount will be paid.

    Sell Your Scrap Metal Now?

    Maqsod Metal Recycler is proud to be the choice of people for scrap metal recycling in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Give a call to our scrap metal experts and request a quote. You can also fill in the details of the metal on the form available on the website. Our team will get back to you ASAP. We will buy scrap metal and pay you top dollar for it.

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    12 Pipe Road, Laverton North VIC


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